Monday, April 26, 2010

I ♥ fräulein herz.

Meet fräulein herz, the cutest shop in Berlin. Ever. Sadly the photos I took don't really do it justice (it was a little dark that day). Trust me - the owner of fräulein herz (Miss Heart), Tatiana, is just as pretty and adorable as her shop. If you tell her I sent you she will probably invite you to stay for a cup of coffee and a cookie.
Apart from her wonderful colorful cosmetic bags, pillows, coasters, buttons and what not, Tatiana also offers sewing supplies and notions that she brought home from her extensive travels. I'm pretty sure that some of them are not available anywhere else in Germany or even Europe.

I ♥ fräulein herz.
(The famous cosmetic every colour or size you can imagine.)

I ♥ fräulein herz.
(Cute buttons, ribbons and notions...I absolutely adore the squirrel trim.)

I ♥ fräulein herz.
(Believe me - everything in this shop is pretty and adorable. A girl's paradise.)

Don't be sad if you can't travel to Berlin to visit Tatiana - she also has an online shop and formidable customer service. If you see something you like in the pictures that you can't find in her online shop, just send her an email and I'm sure she will work something out.


fräulein herz
Krausnickstraße 10 , Berlin-Mitte

Opening hours
Tue - Fri noon - 7PM
Sat noon - 5PM
(The shop is open from the 16th until the end of each month.)


Hearthandmade said...

oh wow!! I love those trims!! They are so adorable. I would love to go back to berlin someday. Its one of my favourite cities in the world :)

P aus HH said...

As if seeing you wasn't reason enough to come to Berlin. I desperately need a new cosmetics bag. And a cookie! When? :)

soisses said...

das ist echt ein total hübsches lädle... wenn ich mal in town bin, geh ich hin!

bin gespannt, deinen kleinen elefanten zu gesicht zu bekommen. ich hatte als kind auch nen grünen =)


Anke said...

@hearthandmade Please contact me if you do and I'll be your tourguide. :)

@P Soon!!! :)

@soisses Ich werde ihn auf jeden Fall bald fotografieren...der ist genau so, wie ich ihn in Erinnerung hatte...nur gelb. :)