Monday, April 12, 2010

If my inner child would furnish a room...part 2

My inner child would also love to live in a tree house, overlooking a lush green forest. At night, it would count shooting stars lying on the roof.

...and before falling asleep, it would crochet a pink rope ladder, while "Granny" by Pudelskern casts a soft light on its fingers.

It would wake up every day and happily look at the "Daisy Face" ply wood print by Alexander Girard.

If my inner child was an avid ornithologist, it would probably try to figure out what kind of bird left all the tracks on the "Allusions" rug by Pierre Paulin for Ligne Roset...

...and after a lot of guess work, it would consult its extensive library of books about birds, stored in the "Tree" shelf by Shawn Soh.


lisa s said...

your inner child has good taste !

P aus HH said...

Should I ever own a big house, could your inner child please decorate one room? No pay, but lots of love!

Ida said...

love these objects. thanks

Anke said...

@lisa s - Thanks! That means a lot coming from you - the queen of impecable taste!

@P - In the blink of an eye, my dear. :)

@Ida - you are welcome!

Mama H said...

Oh dearie,
You and I must have been separated at birth. I've been busy in the land of motherhood but am so happy to have landed again-- your blogging makes me happy happy happy! Did I mention happy? ;)

Have you ever read the Moomintroll series from Tove Jansson? You would love love love it. Your comment about crocheting a ladder made me think of it.


Anke said...

@Mama_H Sweetest J., I think we actually might have been seperated at birth - we even look a bit alike (dark hair and eyes). :)
And I have been a huge Moomin-Fan since I saw the (slightly scary but very magical) puppet show on tv back in the early 80s (late 70s?). Back then I didn't even know there were books about them, too.

I even wrote one of my first posts about them back in 2007:

Now I own all of the newly published Moomin Comic Strip books (they are incredible and very funny), I collect the mugs (love them) and cookie cutters (sadly I didn't have the time to bake Moomin cookies last christmas). And one day I hope to read all the story books too. :)

If you ever crochet the ladder...please send me a picture! :)

Mama H said...

Unfortunately, though I am an accomplished knitter, I have yet to conquer the world of crochet. I am trying to sign up for a class-- I'd love to do some amigurumi. Then again, I'd also like to learn to sew-- REALLY sew. Anyhow, once I get my crocheting chops about me I'll crochet you a ladder. Promise.

Max is getting the Moomintroll comic books for his birthday in a week or so... we have been reading the story books and they are fabulous (We've read 5 or 6 of them already). My favorites are "Finn Family Moomintroll" and "Moominland Midwinter" Oh... and also the one about the comet. Anyhow, you can't go wrong with Moomintroll now, can you?

Your midwestern Sister...