Friday, April 30, 2010


If I had the means, I would redecorate the whole appartment with products by the Danish design brand Muuto (the name Muuto is inspired by the Finnish word "muutos", which means "new perspective"). Every detail is just so very clever and every item on their site oh so stylish.


As an avid Moomin fan, I especially love the "Mhy" lamp, inspired by the character from Tove Janssons books.

See what I mean?

The origami-like "Crushed" bowl isn't too shabby either...

I love Lousie Campbell's designs (remember the Royal Copenhagen china? Or the "Prince Chair"?) and the "The more, the merrier" candlestick is no exception.

"The dots" seem simple, but look stunning on the wall.

Sculpture? Storage? "Oto 100" is both.

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Mama H said...

I want the My lamp, too! Perfect! :)

Anke said...

@Mama_H I thought you might...picked it out especially. :)

Nauli said...

Oto100 steht ganz oben auf unserer Wunschliste...

Freshly Found said...

Such Clever Storage!I love the way you can customise it to the way you want.

Anke said...

@Nauli Ach Oto100 ist auch einer meiner absoluten Favoriten, aber damit er richtig zur Geltung kommt, müssten wir erstmal umziehen...

@Freshly Found You can find a small diy version of oto100 here:
Karen is responsible for almost all the craft tutorials in the Danish BoligLiv magazine (I think). Her blog is well worth a visit too.