Sunday, May 02, 2010

alessi "lily pond" sushi set



Remember the beginning of the 90s when every household featured the egg shaped magnetic salt and pepper shakers by alessi? Or the sugar dispenser that looked like a little alien? Shorty after I really grew tired of alessi's designs...each one of their household items was shaped like a character from a comic book and it just became too much. After all - who wants to live in "Beauty and the Beast" (Disney version) every day?
That said, I really adore this "Lily Pond" sushi ridiculously cute is the gold fish chop stick rest?


PUK said...

I love the sushi set from Alessi, just like you. Do you know Alessi's Banana Family? It's cute as well...

Anke said...

PUK, I knew we had similar tastes when I saw the loot from your Copenhagen trip! :)