Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sewing gifts.

I call last week my "Dickensian week" - I was writing all day every day and sewing gifts all night every night until I dropped into my bed like an erratic boulder.

My big writing assignment is wrapped up for the time being and last weekend I delivered my gifts - so now I'm able to post pictures of them here.

This is a reversible fabric crown for an almost 3-year old, extremely funny little girl who loves to play dress-up. Unfortunately the crown is still a little too big for her and keeps sliding over her eyes. It usually ends up as a pointy scarf around her neck...
If you want to make your own, I used this pattern.

play crown

Her little brother - my godson - is more into grabbing things - especially things that are too large and heavy for him. This tag cloth is made with Japanese pear fabric, the back with plain grey soft and cuddly fleece. I've collected so many trims and ribbons over the years that it took me about an hour to choose the right ones. I made up the pattern and sewing instructions as I went along - well, it is only a square cloth, so that wasn't too hard.


My absolute favourite trim is the one with the little faces.

tag cloth detail

For some reason, sewing these fabric/stash/bread/... baskets was the hardest task of all. I drafted the pattern pretty quickly, but attaching the round bottom part to the tube-like body almost made me cry with frustration. And linen - as beautiful as it looks in combination with other fabrics - is such a pain in the behind to iron. After about 178 rounds, there were still some creases left. As they say - some flaws only add to the charm.

bread baskets

I hope to get around to all the sewing projects I have lined up for this week. It seems that spring has finally arrived over here and there are at least two dress patterns I wanted to try. Fingers crossed...


P aus HH said...


lisa s said...

i hear you on sewing rounds... and linen. i really only like using linen w/ interfacing now....

the stuff looks FANTASTIC, though!

Nauli said...

A lot of phantastic gifts for very lucky beloved people...

Anke said...

@P - xxx :)

@Lisa - I used interfacing an looooots of steam...still no luck. Ah well...that's just the way it is. And - thanks! :)

@Nauli - A huge compliment coming from you! :)