Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Best of Etsy: A Cup of Green Ginger.



(photography: Carissa Gallo for A Cup Of Green Ginger and seller's own)

When I saw the crocheted "Miroslava" earrings by A Cup Of Green Ginger on etsy, it was love at first sight. Doilies for your ears! I knew I had to have a pair. I ordered the light-grey ones and honestly - never before have people complemented me more on my ear-wear. They are quite large, but very light and super-flattering. They instantly lift any outfit from "so so" to "oh lala!". I really wanted another pair and went back for the mustard-yellow ones. And I do have my eye on these... :) They are so pretty, so well made and lovingly packaged...can you tell I'm exited? (And no, they didn't pay me to write all this!)

A Cup Of Green Ginger is the collaboration of Jessica and Natalie from Washington DC, they are sisters-in-law and share a passion for creating and crafting. Jessica, the woman who designed and made the "Miroslava" earings, is a young mommy of three and a musician - she plays the harp, which for me is awe-inspiring in itself (the mommy and the harp part). She likes to unwind while crafting and how lucky for us that she finds the time!
Jessica and Natalie also write a cute and beautiful blog that is well-worth a visit.


lisa s said...

they are GREAT!

Mama H said...

I love them too, of course. Not that I needed to tell you! ;) I may have to order a pair for myself as well!

Freshly Found said...

These are delightful. I am quite passionate about crochet.

Anke said...

@lisa I knew you would like them - being so partial to doilies. :)

@Mama H You should! I can honestly they they are my favourites this summer.

@Freshly Found I know you are. :) I love your creations!