Sunday, June 06, 2010

Monday morning eye candy: By Nord.


Bild 13


Bild 12

Bild 11

Bild 10

Bild 9

Bild 8

Bild 4

Bild 1

(all: By Nord)

The product range from the Danish company By Nord could turn any city apartment into a (modern) cottage in the woods. Clean, simple, beautiful raw materials, bed spreads with digital animal prints, branches and trees. And it somehow makes you long for evenings by the fire...even so summer finally arrived over here. I was afraid we might grow gills and webs this year, but now people already start to complain that it is too hot. You just can't win...


lisa s said...

great styling in the photos too!

Anke said...

@lisa So true...I love the 4th one with the boxes and the mood board in the background.

fräulein herz said...

Aaaaah - you always find the most gorgeous things!

I wanna have them all :(

Anke said...

@fräulein herz - so do I! (And a bigger flat.)

HELLO TIGER! said...

So nice!

Laura said...

My favorite is the tree-carved lamp!

Laura in Ludwigsburg